-  EZflow 1201, 1202 and 801
-  4" Pipe available in Schedule 40 and SDR 35
-  Exclusive dealer of Bryant Plastics PVC pipe
Infiltrator chamber
Exclusive dealer of the new EZflow drainage system.
EZflow drainage systems are lightweight and easy to use.
They require none of the gravel usually required for septic systens.
The EZflow drain basic unit is a 10' length of 4" perforated, corrugated plastic pipe surrounded by a geo-synthetic aggregate, held together by polyethylene netting 6, 10, and 12 inches in diameter.
These pre-assembled, lightweight EZflow units may be transported and put together by a single worker.  There are easily joined together with an internal coupling to exactly fit installation specifiactions.

Because EZflow takes the place of gravel usually found in drainage applications the use of EZflow results in savings of time, labor, and transportation costs.
A 10' section of EZflow equals 2.5 tons of gravel!
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